Monday, January 2, 2012

100 Reasons Why I Love You & 52 Reasons Why I Love You

Wow I'm a terrible blogger! I can't believe it's been 9 months since I made this dang thing. Oh well, I guess I'm too busy living my life! (Or maybe just getting distracted stalking other people instead of publishing my life for people to stalk me. Yeah, that's it.)

Okay so once in awhile on the MG group on facebook, somebody asks for some help to get the creative juices flowing to create an awesome list of reasons why they love their missionary. I decided to publish mine as a blog post, so the world can see! I think it would be a super cute idea for anybody to do for like an anniversary present or maybe to a long distance lover or something.

I did 100 reasons and sent them to Ty in a package to open on his 100th day of serving a mission. He loved it! So I just barely made 52 more reasons and I'm going to send them to him for Valentine's Day...which is about 3 weeks before his year mark, so I guess it would also double as a good 52 reasons for 52 weeks left sort of thing. The 52 reasons are a little less serious than the 100 reasons. But we are an awesome couple, and I wanted to remind him why we're such a perfect fit in the first place. And sorry about some of the weird inside jokes. Don't judge me. hahaha. Anyways, here we go:

100 Reasons I Love You:

  1. You’re serving a mission for God, converts, you me, and our future family.
  2. You’re an awesome singer and not afraid to belt it out in front of anybody!
  3. You always know how to make me smile.
  4. You cried when we said “see you later”.
  5. You know every word to every Beatles song.
  6. You’re so easy to talk to.
  7. I always feel like I can be myself around you.
  8. You have an awesome drive-you know exactly what you want and how to get there.
  9. You are my high-school sweetheart!
  10. You like to play with my “cat skin”.
  11. You’re my best friend in the whole world!
  12. You’re always patient with me, even when I get mad for no reason.
  13. You make me believe I’m perfect, even though I’m not.
  14. You touch my belly button to help me “conquer my fears” hahaha.
  15. You go out of your way to make sure I’m comfortable all the time.
  16. You’re the type of person everybody loves to be around.
  17. You tell me I’m beautiful, even on a “fat day”.
  18. We’re polar opposites, but somehow it works. We’re a perfect balance.
  19. You can always tell when something is wrong.
  20. You are the reason we will have an awesome love story to tell our children.
  21. You call me your “sugar momma” but it’s okay because when we're older you’ll make up for it J
  22. You kiss me even when I’m sick.
  23. You’re always honest with me.
  24. You promised to take me to the temple one day.
  25. You say I’m a bad driver…but I’m really a good driver. You just make me nervous.
  26. I always feel safe and protected when I’m around you.
  27. You always smell so good.
  28. I love your six year old handwriting.
  29. The gentle way you play with my hair.
  30. Your sense of humor.
  31. You are the only person who has managed to convince me to do things I never thought I’d do, from shooting a gun to fishing to riding a snowmobile.
  32. How religious you've become through your mission.
  33. We’re on the same page-from 5,728 miles apart, your letters always say exactly what I need to hear at the moment.
  34. You gave me the kiss in the rain I always wanted.
  35. How handsome you are.
  36. How sexy you look when you’re working on cars.
  37. You would always cuddle under a blanket with me when I was cold, even though you were burning hot.
  38. When you let me fall asleep in your arms.
  39. When you would buy me non-dairy frozen yogurt instead of ice cream when I thought I had lactose intolerance. Hahaha
  40. The way you talk about our future together.
  41. Your taste in music.
  42. The feeling of your skin against mine.
  43. You give the world’s best massages!
  44. How easy it is for me to envision growing old together.
  45. You would drop anything to come help me with anything I needed.
  46. Your intelligence.
  47. You want to be the dad you never got to have.
  48. How you were always right, but you would let me think I was right for my own sake. J
  49. You always opened doors for me.
  50. You have a better taste in jewelry than me.
  51. You don’t mind a little PDA kiss sometimes J
  52. You make me want to be a better person every day.
  53. The way you look at me and smile for no reason.
  54. You are the only person I've truly loved and the only person who has ever truly loved me.
  55. Your forgiveness.
  56. Your charm.
  57. How my whole family is obsessed with you.
  58. The way our bodies fit together perfectly.
  59. (Sorry everyone, this one was a little too personal!)
  60. How I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I think of you.
  61. The way my name sounds with your last name.
  62. You can speak Italian…”The language of love”.
  63. You read 1984 because I recommended it-and you liked it!
  64. Your ability to listen to my endless chattering and rambling for hours on end-then you finally can’t take it anymore and shut me up with an unexpected kiss. J
  65. How sexy you look as a missionary!
  66. You literally don’t care what other people think about you.
  67. Your camouflage moccasins.
  68. You kept dating me after you found out that I stalked you for 6 weeks before I knew you.
  69. Your huge muscles J
  70. When you would carry me without complaining because my heels hurt too bad after school dances, and I refused to take them off, because it’s not ladylike.
  71. The way you remember the 13th of every month-“monthiversaries”.
  72. The way you are with children- you’re going to be an amazing dad one day.
  73. When you don’t shave because you don’t believe me when I say I won’t kiss you with a beard J
  74. When you tease me.
  75. How you know me better than I know myself sometimes.
  76. The way I smile any time I think of you.
  77. Your perfect baseball butt!
  78. When you burp in front of me and say “excuse me” immediately because you know you’re going to get “the look”.
  79. How hardworking and determined you are.
  80. You let me steal all of the covers.
  81. You wear your seat-belt because I asked you to.
  82. The time I wanted to have a Lord of the Rings marathon and you agreed, but didn’t make fun of me when I only made it through 30 minutes of the first one because I thought it was boring.
  83. When you would always hold my hand when driving.
  84. How if your hands were sweaty you would always blame it on me! It’s still not me!
  85. The way you were always down to do whatever I want.
  86. I love that you are the only boy who has called me “babe”.
  87. How you’re better than me at writing letters.
  88. The fact that you leaving on a mission has driven me to build a better relationship with God.
  89. When you try to give me piggy back rides, but after 2 years we still never really figured it out.
  90. When I can make you laugh.
  91. Your amazing smile.
  92. You are always on time.
  93. The way you say my name.
  94. You let me be me and fully accept it.
  95. You’re never critical of me or others.
  96. The way you believe in me, that I can do anything.
  97. How long it took you to figure out that if you let me watch the movie, we can do whatever you want afterwards!
  98. (Another personal one! Sorry again!)
  99. You are the only person who I would do anything for to make happy.
  100. The way you kiss me!

52 Reasons Why I Love You:

  1. You don’t make fun of me when I diagnose myself with random diseases.
  2. You’re super good at fixing things.
  3. You let my cat sleep on your backpack when we did homework, even though you hate cats.
  4. You have an awesome taste in music.
  5. You’re so cute to your nieces.
  6. You always act appropriately for whatever situation you’re in.
  7. Whenever we would have a sleepover and I would wake up and the look you would give me.
  8. You’re super good at anything that has to do with the outdoors.
  9. You have my back no matter what.
  10. You have a better taste in women’s fashion than me.
  11. You have a sexy Italian voice.
  12. Because you hate spiders as much as I do but I know you would kill one for me.
  13. You address all my letters to Nina Anderson.
  14. I love the way Nina Anderson sounds.
  15. You give me the best compliments.
  16. You’re better at talking about feelings than anybody else I know (yeah that’s a good thing haha).
  17. You don’t snore.
  18. You’re really good with money.
  19. You beat me in the stocks game in Entrepreneurship senior year. We’re going to be rich one day.
  20. Your skin is literally always warm…and I’m always cold! We’re opposites but perfect for each other J
  21. The way you hold my hand and let my thumb be on top.
  22. The time you physically assaulted me in order to win a game of Mario Kart J
  23. Because you get along with everybody…and I want to invite Mr. Cannon to our wedding.
  24. Because I’m Mexican and you’re a redhead…but somehow you’re always more tan than me.
  25. Because you’re not a gross redhead.
  26. Because YOU ARE HOT.
  27. Because you play the trumpet. Hahahahaha
  28. You always smell good. Even after baseball games or snowmobiling, I even love your natural scent J
  29. Because we both have lives outside of each other.
  30. Because an eternal family is a priority for both of us.
  31. Because you’re a manly-man.
  32. Because the small parts of your patriarchal blessing that I’ve read, I know we’re going to have an awesome life. I am determined to read yours one day!
  33. You know all my secrets and don’t judge me for them.
  34. You give me massages whenever I ask J
  35. You always remembered our anniversaries before me…haha
  36. Because you would take me to the grocery store and pretend to be married to me.
  37. Because you just laughed it off when I permanently scarred you from stabbing you with my pen in AP Calculus our senior year.
  38. You gave me a huge hunting knife when you left so I could save myself from rapists.
  39. One night when we woke up and heard people yelling at each other and you went outside to investigate.
  40. The fact that you had a gun on hand to go investigate.
  41. I love your brown eyes.
  42. You’ve never yelled at me.
  43. That we figured out we can’t fall asleep cuddling…we’re already an old married couple haha
  44. You’re always on time.
  45. That you laugh out loud when we watch movies.
  46. You know a lot about cars. That’s gonna come in handy when we get married J
  47. You have conversations with me in the middle of the night.
  48. I can always be myself around you.
  49. Because you like my handmade gifts better than store bought ones.
  50. Because you wore a white tux to match my white dress at prom.
  51. You have no qualms about asking me to pull out your back hairs for you.
  52. Because we’re perfect for each other in every way!